Diesel Production Statistics

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Overview Section 1: Active Major Builders/Rebuilders Section 2: Inactive Major Builders/Rebuilders Section 3: Minor Builders/Rebuilders


This list includes information on diesel-electric, diesel-hydraulic, gasoline-electric, gasoline-hydraulic, LNG-electric, gas turbine and electric locomotives intended for use by railroads in North America. I intend to exclude locomotives built for export only or for industrial use. Also excluded are export designs used in North America and standard North American designs built for export. I have included notes about industrial locos, since they will be seen here and there, but not in-depth information. Some electric locomotives have been included, but I don't have time to go back and chronicle all the electrics. Each locomotive builder or rebuilder is included, along with a brief history of the company, types of engines used, locations of the major shops and a detailed list of locomotive models produced. Model number, dates built, number built and brief comments are included. Homebuilt locos, some rebuilds from railroads' own shops, rebuilds done on only a few units, and most contract rebuildings are not included. Contract rebuilds and rebuilds by railroads' shops are listed where they involve a very major upgrade, i.e. conversion from freight to passenger service, new prime mover, and/or where the locomotive is considered to be "new" after the rebuild. There are exceptions, usually for what I consider to be 'important' locomotive programs. Notes in [brackets] apply to all models below the note. Unofficial designations or identifying symbols for units without official models are in single quotes (i.e. 'SD40X', 'Zephyr'). In the Baldwin, F-M and Alco sections I have dropped the first (often only) hyphen in each designation for the sake of simplicity. The hundreds of GP7U, GP8, GP9U, GP10 and GP16 rebuilds from GP7/9/18s are not listed, because those rebuilds were little more than heavy overhauls when compared with recent rebuilds (i.e. GP28M, SD40M-2). Also, railroad programs to upgrade SD40s and 45s to -2 standards are generally not included, since these upgrades are/were usually done in railroad shops in the course of normal overhauls.

Section One: Active Major builders/rebuilders

General Motors Locomotive Group (GMLG) Electro Motive Division (EMD) General Motors Diesel Division (GMDD) General Electric Transportation Division (GE) MotivePower Industries (MPI; formerly Morrison Knudsen)

General Motors Locomotive Group (GMLG)

GMLG is a new name for the business unit controlling two very old GM divisions, EMD and GMDD. GM was the unquestioned leader in the diesel locomotive field for many years, but their number one position was taken by GE in 1983. Electromotive Division (EMD): EMD was formed by the 1930 purchase (by GM) of railcar builder Electro Motive Corporation (EMC) and engine builder Winton Engine. The EMC name was retained until the two companies were merged to become EMD in 1941. Engines: 201-A early non-turbo engine, 600 HP (8 cyl.) to 1200 HP (16 cyl.) 8x10 inch cylinder 567 non-turbo, 600 HP (6 cyl.) to 1350 HP (16 cyl.) 567A non-turbo, same HP as 567 567B non-turbo, 600 HP (6 cyl.) to 1500 HP (16 cyl.) 567BC non-turbo update/modification of 567B 567C non-turbo, 600 HP (6 cyl.) to 1750 HP (16 cyl.) 567C supercharged, 2000 HP (16 cyl.) 567D1 non-turbo, 1325 HP (12 cyl.) to 1800 HP (16 cyl.) 567D2 turbocharged, 2000 HP (16 cyl.) 567D3 turbocharged, 2250-2400 HP (16 cyl.) 567D3A turbocharged, 2500 HP (16 cyl.) all 567: 8.5x10 inch cylinder 645E non-turbo, 1000 HP (8 cyl.) to 2000 HP (16 cyl.) 645E3 turbocharged, 1500 HP (8 cyl.) to 3600 HP (20 cyl.) 645E3A turbocharged, 3300 HP (26 cyl.) to 4200 HP (20 cyl.) 645F turbocharged, 2600-2800 HP (12 cyl.) to 3500-3600 HP (16 cyl.) all 645: 9.0625x10 inch cylinder 710G turbocharged, 2800-3200 HP (12 cyl.) to 5000 HP (20 cyl.) 9.0625x11 inch cylinder H turbocharged, 6000 HP max Shops: LaGrange (McCook), Ill (component construction only; partially closed) Chicago, Ill (closed) Cleveland, OH (closed) General Motors Diesel Division (GMDD): General Motors Diesel, Ltd. (GMDL) was created in Canada in 1950, later becoming GMDD. Now does all GM locomotive building work, and has sub-contracted some assembly work to Conrail's Juniata shops, Canadian Pacific's Ogden Shops, VMV Paducah, and some to a plant near Mexico City, Mexico. Shops: London, Ontario Super Steel Schenectady: A division of GM formed in 1995 to build new locomotives for LIRR. Shops: A new plant built at Glenville, New York. Production: Model Dates built Number Built *B-B Switchers 'pre SC' 2/35-3/35 2 [all 201-A engine] experimental version of SC. At least one still exists. 'pre NC' 3/35 1 experimental version of NC SC 5/36-1/39 42 SW 12/36-1/39 77 NC 5/37-1/38 5 NW 9/37-12/28 8 NC1 3/37 5 NW1 11/37-1/39 27 NW1A 12/38 27 NC2 7/37 2 NW4 8/38 2 SW1 1/39-11/53 661 [all 567/567A engine] NW2 2/39-12/49 1054 NW3 11/39-3/42 7 SW7 10/49-1/51 463 SW8 9/50-1/54 347 [all 567B engine] 'SW8DH' 1954 1 experimental diesel-hydraulic version of SW8 SW9 2/51-12/53 786 SW600 2/54-1/62 15 [all 567C engine] SW900 1/54-11/65 357 SW1200 1/54-5/66 1024 SW1000 6/66-10/72 118 [all 645E engine] SW1001 9/68-6/86 174 SW1000 with low-level cab SW1500 7/66-1/74 807 *B-B Transfer and Light Road Switcher (some rebuild) T 5/36 1 dual 201-A engine, B+B-B+B, center cab TR ?/39-?/40 3 [all 567/567A engine] Two NW2s (one with cab, one without) mated together TR1 4/41-5/41 4 TR using two NW3s TR2 ?/45-?/49 36 same as TR TR3 ?/45-?/49 2 same as TR2, but with three units (1 with cab, 2 without). TR4 10/49-2/47 15 TR using two SW7s NW5 12/46-2/47 13 [all 567B engine] similar to NW2, but with a short hood added. TR5 2/51-12/53 12 TR using 2 SW9s TR6 9/50-1/54 12 TR using two SW8s BL1 2/48 1 light semi-roadswitcher (B-B) --very unusual appearance BL2 4/48-5/49 58 identical to BL1 MRS1 3/52-6/52 13 multigauge C-C units for US Army GMD1 8/58-4/60 101 [all 567C engine] light roadswitcher (B-B or A1A-A1A) similar in design to RS1 RS1325 10/60 2 similar to SW1200, but with short hood added. SW1504 5/73-8/73 60 [all 645E engine] SW1500 with road trucks MP15 2/74-11/80 282 road version of SW1500, also known as MP15DC. MP15AC 8/75-8/84 255 AC transmission version of MP15 MP15T 10/84-11/87 42 turbocharged version of MP15AC GP15-1 6/76-3/82 310 intended to compete with rebuilt GPs GP15AC 11/82-12/82 30 AC transmission version of GP15-1 GP15T 10/82-4/83 28 turbocharged version of GP15AC BL20-2 5/92 3 [567C engine] remanufactured GP7/9/18/20/30/35, similar in intent to GP15-1 *B-B Roadswitchers (some rebuild) GP7 10/49-5/54 2724 [all 567B engine] GP7M variant used components from FTs, lower hp GP7B 3/53-4/53 5 GP9 1/54-8/63 4092 [all 567C engine] GP9M variant used components from FTs, lower HP GP9B 2/54-12/59 165 GP18 12/59-11/63 390 [all 567D engine] GP20 11/59-4/62 260 some GP9s were rebuilt by EMD for UP as GP20 prototypes GP28 3/64-11/65 26 GP30 7/61-11/63 909 GP30B 4/63-7/63 40 GP35 10/63-1/66 1333 GP38 1/66-12/71 493 [all 645E engine] GP38AC ?/71 240 AC transmission version of GP38 GP38-2 1/72-1987 2208 GP39 5/69-7/70 21 GP39DC 6/70 2 DC generator version of GP39, usually called GP39 GP39-2 8/74-6/84 249 GP39E 4/89-12/91 70 remanufactured GP30/35, 16-645E3, 2300 HP, -2 electronics 'GP40X' 5/65 1 developmental GP40 GP40 11/65-12/71 1243 GP40TC 11/66-12/66 8 GP40 with a HEP generator set GP40P 12/68 13 GP40 with a steam generator GP40-2 4/72-11/86 1131 GP40E 11/89-12/89 5 remanufactured GP40, identical to GP40-2 GP40P-2 11/74 3 Dash 2 version of GP40P GP39X 11/80 6 [all 645F engine] developmental GP49, now considered GP49s GP40X 12/77-6/78 23 developmental GP50 GP49 8/83-5/85 9 GP50 5/80-11/85 278 GP59 6/85-?/89 36 [all 710G engine] GP60 10/85-? 294 GP60B ?/91 25 GP60M 6/90-9/90 63 widenose version of GP60 *C-C Roadswitchers (some rebuild) SD7 2/52-11/53 188 567B engine SD9 1/54-6/59 471 567C engine SD18 4/60-3/63 54 [all 567D engine] SD24 7/58-3/63 179 SD24B 7/59-9/59 45 SD28 7/65-9/65 6 SD35 6/64-1/66 360 SDP35 7/64-9/65 35 SD35 with steam generator SD38 5/67-7/71 38 [all 645E engine] SD38AC 6/71-10/71 15 AC transmission version of SD38 SD38-2 11/72-6/79 83 SD39 8/68-5/70 54 SDL39 3/69-11/72 10 lightweight version of SD39 'SD40X' ?/64-5/65 9 developmental SD40, sometimes called 'SDX40' to avoid confusion with the later SD40X SD40 1/66-7/72 1257 SDP40 6/66-5/70 20 SD40 with a steam generator SD40A 8/69-1/70 18 SD40 with long (SDP45) frame for larger fuel tank SD40-2 1/72-2/86 3957 SD40-2SS 3/78-4/78 5 SD40-2 with Super Series wheelslip equipment SD40T-2 6/74-7/80 310 SD40-2 modified for operation in long tunnels SD40-3MPR ?/92- 1 remanufactured SD40, microprocessor, subcontracted to VMV SD45 2/65-12/71 1260 SDP45 5/67-8/70 52 SD45 with steam generator. 34 units built without steam generators (long frame for larger fuel tank) were later reclassified SD45M. SD45X 6/70-2/71 7 experimental upgrade of SD45 SD45-2 5/72-9/74 136 SD45T-2 2/72-6/75 246 SD45-2 modified for operation in long tunnels SD40X 9/79 4 [all 645F engine] developmental SD50 SD50S 12/80 6 developmental SD50, short frame, originally classified SD50. SD50 5/81-5/85 361 SD60 5/84-?/91 537 [all 710G engine] SD60M ?/89-? 461 widenose version of SD60 SD60MAC 1/92-9/92 4 developmental SD70MAC SD60I ?/94-? 80 SD70 ?/93- 120+ SD70M ?/92- 53+ SD70I ?/95- 26+ SD70MAC 11/93- 736+ SD75M 3/95- 76+ SD75I ?/96- 202+ SD80MAC ?/95- 30+ SD90MAC(U) 11/95- 370+ SD90MAC ?/96- 95+ [16V265H engine] *D-D Roadswitchers DD35 9/63-9/64 30 [all 567D engine] cabless DDA35 4/65-6/65 15 DDA40X 4/69-9/71 47 [all 645E engine] widenose *B-B Truss Carbody freight and/or passenger units 'M-10000' 2/34 1 191-A engined articulated train 'Zephyr' 4/34-4/35 5 [all 201-A engine] several similar articulated trains 'M-10001' 10/34 1 UP streamlined train 'boxcab' ?/35-?/36 5 several similar boxcab passenger units 'Green Diamond' 3/36 1 distinctive articulated train, known as the 'Tomato Worm' 'M-10002' 5/36 1 UP streamlined train, power unit was two B-B units articulated together. 'CB&Q 9908' 4/39 1 B-A1A 567 engined unit for Zephyr service 'CB&Q 9004, 9005' 11/36 2 two identical B-B units for Zephyr service 'CB&W 9006, 9907' 10/36 2 two identical locomotives for Zephyr service, each made up of two B-B units articulated together. 'UP power unit' 5-8/36 6 several similar locomotives, each made up of two B-B units articulated together. NOTE: The above classifications are my unofficial classifications only. Many are based on train name or unit numbers. These units did not have official model designations, and were for the most part custom built. TA 8/27-10/37 6 FTA 11/39-11/45 555 [all 567/567A engine] FTB 11/39-11/45 541 F2A 7/46-11/46 74 [all 567B engine] F2B 7/46-11/46 30 F3A 7/45-2/49 1111 some later F3As were known as F5A F3B 7/45-2/49 696 some later F3Bs were known as F5A F7A 2/49-12/53 2366 F7B 2/49-12/53 1483 FP7A 6/49-12/53 376 F7A lengthened for more steam generator space F9A 1/54-12/56 87 [all 567C engine] F9B 1/54-4/57 154 FP9A ?/54-?/59 79 F9A lengthened for more steam generator space FL9A 10/56-11/60 60 FP9A lengthened and modified to operate from diesel or third rail. Last 30 units have 567D engines *A1A-A1A truss carbody passenger units, dual engine EA 5/37-6/38 6 [all 201-A engine] EB 5/37-6/38 6 E1A 6/37-4/38 8 E1B 6/37-3/38 3 E2A 1/37-12/37 2 E2B 1/37-12/37 4 E3A 3/39-6/40 16 [all 567/567A engine] E3B 3/39-9/39 2 E4A 10/38-12/39 14 E4B 10/38-12/39 5 E5A 2/40-6/41 11 E5B 2/40-6/41 11 Most units prior to E6 were essentially custom ordered. E6A 11/39-9/42 92 'Half E6A' 6/40 1 E6A with a baggage compartment in place of one engine, A1A-3 E6B 4/40-2/42 26 'Half E6B' ? 2 similar to 'Half E6A' E7A 2/45-4/49 428 E7B 2/45-4/49 82 E8A 8/49-12/53 421 [all 567B engine] E8B 12/49-5/53 39 some old Es were rebuilt as E8Ms E9A 5/54-12/63 100 [all 567C engine] some old Es were rebuilt as E9Ms E9B 5/54-12/63 44 *B-B Cowl body passenger units F40PH 3/76-?/89 371 F40PHR 7/77-1/88 143 identical to F40PH but using trade in parts from SDP40Fs F40PH-2M 3/82-11/85 4 modified F40PH-2 with GP38 engine, for rail-grinding trains F40PH-2C 7/87-5/88 26 lengthened F40PH-2 with separate HEP set F59PH ?/88-? 72 [all 710G engine] F59PHI ?/94- 53+ streamlined, updated version F69PH 10/88 2 experimental AC traction DE30AC 6/97- 23+ DM30AC ?/98- 23+ *C-C Cowl body freight and/or passenger units SDP40F 6/73-8/74 150 cowl version of SDP40. Design was flawed, most retired and scrapped before 5 years old F40C 3/74-5/74 15 similar to SDP40F but using SD40-2 frame F45 6/68-5/71 86 cowl version of SD45 FP45 12/67-12/68 14 cowl version of SDP45 SD40-2F ?/88-?/89 25 SD50F 4/85-7/86 60 SD60F ?/85-?/89 64 the first SD60Fs were called SD50AFs, redesignated by EMD *Electrics SW1200MG ?/63-?/71 9 electric version of SW1200, road trucks, B-B AEM7 11/79-?/88 67 7000 hp, B-B, cowl body GM6 4/75 1 6000 hp, C-C, SD40-2 frame GM10 7/76 1 10000 hp, B-B-B GF6C 11/83-7/84 7 6000 hp, C-C, SD40-2 frame, cowl body

General Electric

GE started out producing electrical components for locomotives built be other companies and at various points teamed up with other builders (notably Alco) to build locomotives. In 1960 they introduced the U25B to the domestic market, and now are the number one builder North America. GE purchased the Alco/MLW shop in Montreal, using it primarily for -S7 rebuilds. It was later closed. GE also owned the ex E-L Hornell, NY shops for several years, using it for Alco rebuilds and two F7A overhauls. The shop was later sold to MK and is now owned by GEC Alsthom. GE sold to rights to build Alco engines and spare parts, as well as the right to market the engines for all non rail applications, to Fairbanks-Morse in 1994, followed by rail application rights in 1997. Engines: IR--Ingersoll-Rand, various sizes and HP ratings CB--Cooper-Bessemer, various sizes and HP ratings Cat--Caterpillar, various sizes and HP ratings 7FDL--main GE engine, ratings of 2500 HP to 4400 HP with 16 cyls., 1800 to 3200 HP with 16 cyls., 1800 HP with 8 cyls. used in all U series, -7, -S7, -8, -9 and most AC units. 9x10.5 inch cylinder, all turbocharged HDL--new GE engine, ratings up to 6000 HP, used in later AC series Shops: Erie, PA Sayre, PA (ex LV)--railcar shop Montreal, Quebec (ex Alco/MLW plant, now closed) Hornell, NY (ex E-L plant, closed and sold to MK, then GEC Alsthom) Recently some assembly work has been subcontracted to Conrail (NS) Juniata Shops. *B-B Switchers '44 Ton' ?/40-?/56 348 Cat engine '60 Ton' ?/24 1 IR engine '60 Ton' ?/28-?/30 2 IR engine '60 Ton ?/31 7 IR engine '70 Ton' ?/46-?/58 238 CB engine two built as narrow gauge C-C units '95 Ton' ?/49-?/56 47 CB engine '100 Ton' ?/28-?/30 11 IR engine 'dual power' ?/30 45 IR engine variety of diesel-electric/battery and diesel-electric/battery/third rail units 'ERIE 925' ?/31 1 IR engine 'DEY-2' ?/36 5 CB engine 'Model Y' ?/36 5 IR engine 'Center Cab' ?/33-?/35 7 IR engine 'Center Cab' ?/37-?/40 9 CB engine 'Center Cab' ?/39-?/40 4 CB engine 'Center Cab' ?/41 2 CB engine '128 Ton' ?/43-?/45 3 CB engine SL80 11/76- 5+ Still in production? SL110 8/74- 39+ Still in production? SL144 12/75- 29+ Still in production? *B-B Roadswitchers (some rebuild) UD18B ?/56 10 [all 7FDL engine] U18B 3/73-10/76 163 C424M 5/80 9 Alco 12-251 engined 2000 HP rebuild of C424s U23B 8/68-6/77 465 [all 7FDL engine] B23-7 9/77-12/84 536 BQ23-7 10/78-1/79 10 B23-7 with extra large cab B23-S7 3/89-2/91 16 remanufactured U23B, some subcontracted to MK 'XP24' 4/59 2 early U25B, demo/test units U25B ?/61-2/66 476 U28B 1/66-12/66 148 U30B 12/66-3/75 291 B30-7 12/77-5/81 199 B30-7A 6/80-2/82 58 B30-7 with uprated B23-7 engine B30-7A1 4/82-5/82 22 updated B30-7A B30-7A(B) 6/82-10/83 120 cabless B30-7A B32-8 1/84-?/89 49 B32-8WH ?/91-?/91 20 B32-8 modified for passenger service U33B 9/67-8/70 137 U36B 1/69-12/74 125 B36-7 11/80-9/85 222 B36-8 10/82 1 developmental unit, later rebuilt as B39-8E B39-8 1/84 3 all demonstrators B39-8E ?/84-7/88 145 slightly updated B39-8, 4 are rebuilds B40-8 5/88-?/89 151 B40-8W 10/88-10/90 84 first unit was rebuilt from a B39-8E (ex B36-8) *C-C Roadswitchers(some rebuild) U23C 3/68-?/?? ?? U25C 9/63-12/65 113 U28C 12/65-12/66 61 U28CG ??/65-??/66 10 U28C with steam generator U30C 1/67-9/76 600 C30-7 9/76-2/85 1137 C30-7A 5/84-6/84 50 C30-7 with uprated B23-7 engine C30-S7 5/89-10/90 11 remanufactured U30/33/36C, C30/36-7, some subcontracted to MK many others built with GE kits by FNM. M630M 10/91 1 remanufactured M630, -S7 electronics, 16-251 engine C30-S7N 8/90-3/91 100 identical to C30-S7 but all new, not rebuilt C30-S7NMP 8/94-9/94 34 C30-S7N with microprocessor C32-8 9/84 10 demo/test units U33C 1/68-1/75 375 U34CH 11/70-1/73 32 U36C modified for passenger service U36C 10/71-4/75 218 U36CG 4/74-5/74 20 U36C with steam generator C36-7 6/78-12/85 169 C36-8 ?/82 1 test unit C39-8 3/83-1986? 136 C39-8E 1986?-12/87 25 C39-9 1999? 1 C40-8 12/87-?/92 581 C40-9 ?/95-?/95 125 C40-8W ?/89-?/94 756 C40-9W ?/96- 506+ C41-8W 8/93-?/94 154 C44-8W 1993 3 C44-9W 11/93- 1469+ C44-9LW ?/95- 107+ AC4400CW ?/93- 1710+ AC traction version of C44-9W AC4400CW(U) ?/95- 37+ U50C 9/69 40 AC6000CW ?/95- 199+ [all HDL engine] *B+B-B+B Roadswitchers U50 9/63-8/65 26 [all 7FDL engine] *B-B Electrics 'Boxcab' 6/14-11/16 6 'Center Cab' 7/50 3 E25B 5/76-2/79 7 uprated, electric version of U23B *C-C Electrics E33 ?/56-?/57 10 3300 HP electric roadswitcher E44 12/60-7/63 66 5000 HP electric roadswitcher E50C 5/68 2 similar to E44 E60C 12/72-10/76 6 cowl body 6000 HP electric E60CP 12/74-11/75 7 E60C with dual cabs and a steam generator E60CH 10/74-8/75 19 E60C with dual cabs and an HEP set E60C-2 8/82-1/83 41 updated dual cab E60C *2-D+D-2 electrics 'Little Joe' ?/49-?/49 15 electrics built for USSR, 15 sold in the US. *B-B Full Body Passenger and/or Freight Units 'UM20A' ?/54 2 [all CB engine] experimental units 'UM20B' ?/54 2 experimental units, cabless P32AC-DM ?/95-?/95 30 [all 7FDL engine] AC traction diesel-electric/third rail units B40-8P ?/93-?/94 44 P42DC ?/96- 120+ *C-C Full Body Freight and/or Passenger Units 'WP&Y' ?/54-?/56 11 custom narrow gauge units U30CG 11/67 6 U30C with steam generator and cowl body P30CH 8/75-1/76 25 U30C with HEP set and cowl body C40-8M 3/90-?/94 84 Cowl body version of C40-8 *Various Steam Turbines and Gas Turbines (GT) 'Steam Turbine' ?/39 2 experimental steam turbine, 2+C-C+2 '101' ?/48 1 developmental gas turbine, B+B-B+B '4500 HP GT' ?/52 10 modified version of #101, above '4500 HP GT' ?/54 15 modified version of 10 units listed above '10000 HP GT' ?/58-?/61 30 larger version of above units, C-C+C-C *Industrials GE has built thousands of small industrial units in dozens of configurations and with several different engines.

MotivePower Industries

(formerly Morrison Knudsen Rail Corp.) Morrison-Knudsen was formed in 1915 by Harry Morrison and Morris Knudsen. The company made a name in all sorts of heavy construction and engineering projects, with work ranging from rebuilding Tehachapi Pass after the disastrous earthquake of 1952 to building a special barge to lay a tunnel under Boston Harbor a few years ago to building subway, Amtrak and commuter rail cars to building and rebuilding locomotives. In 1971 the company opened its Boise Locomotive Shop in Idaho. In the 1980's M-K purchased from GE the ex Erie-Lackawanna shops at Hornell, NY for railcar work, and in 1989 M-K opened the Boise Truck & Engine Annex and the Mountaintop, PA Locomotive Shop. In 1994 the rail operations were split off as the Morrison Knudsen Rail Corp. and the hyphen was dropped from the corporate name. Effective 1 January 1997 Morrison Knudsen Rail Corp. became MotivePower Industries. The Boise Locomotive Shop became Boise Locomotive Company, and MK Engine Systems Company, the engine subsidiary, became Engine Systems Company. MK/MPI's specialty has long been rebuilding and upgrading older units to -2 standards. They have done hundreds of SD40-2 and SD40M-2 rebuilds and dozens of "F40 substitutes", all rebuilt from older units. When EMD refused to modify its F40PH-2C design to suit MBTA's needs, MK built its first new locomotives, near clones of EMD F40PH-2C. MK built two locomotives of its own design, the MK1200G and the MK1500D. The MK1500D became the MP1500D under MPI; new models included MP2000D (2000 HP version) and MP2000C (2000 HP C-C version). Engines: MPI uses EMD 645E and 645E3 engines in most rebuilds. M-K used imported Sulzer engines in several rebuilds, but they proved unreliable and the effort was abandoned. Alco 251 series engines were also used. G3516--16 cyl., 1200 HP LNG fueled Caterpillar engine 3612--12 cyl., 5000 HP Caterpillar engine 3616--16 cyl., 6000 HP Caterpillar engine Shops: Boise Locomotive Company (formerly Boise Locomotive Shop), Boise, ID. Major construction and remanufacturing shop, now the only MPI locomotive shop. Mountaintop Locomotive Shop (Mountaintop PA)--Secondary remanufacturing shop, now closed. Hornell Shop (Hornell NY)--owned by MK Transit Division, did some contract work for MKRC. Transferred to Amerail, which was then bought by GEC Alsthom. Engine Systems Company (formerly Boise Truck & Engine Annex) Main truck and engine overhaul shop, does work for all other shops and contract work. Pittsburgh, CA--railcar shop, now owned by Amerail. Chicago, IL--railcar shop, now owned by Amerail. *B-B Light Roadswitchers (new and/or rebuild) TE56-4A (RS3u) 12/74-3/76 10 rebuilt and updated RS3, 12-251 engine MK1200G 7/94-9/98 4 CAT 3512 engine new locomotive (on GP7/9 frame), 1200 HP, LNG fueled MK1500D 6/96-12/96 32 conventional diesel version of MK1200G MP1500D 5/97- 6+ same as MK1500D MP2000D 8/97- 5+ 2000 hp of MP1500D (GP35 frame) MP2000C 9/98- 1+ C-C version of MP2000D (SD35 frame) *B-B Freight Roadswitchers (rebuild) S5-2B 4/91 3 slug remanufactured from GP30 S5-1BDE 9/90-2/1 50 control cab/fuel tender slugs remanufactured from GP30/35 TE50-4S 7/89 1 Sulzer repowered GP9 GP28M 9/92-1/93 40 remanufactured GP9/9M/18, 16-645E GP28P 2/93-3/92 10 slug mother version of GP28M GP38-2 ??/96- 25 remanufactured GP38/40, identical to EMD GP38-2 GP38-3 8/96-9/96 6 GP38M-3 11/96-?/97 40 GP39M 10/88-10/91 65 Remanufactured GP30/35, 16-645E3, 2300 HP, -2 electronics TE70-4S ?/78-?/78 4 Sulzer repowered U25B GP40M 10/88-12/89 23 remanufactured GP40, identical to EMD GP40-2 GP40-2 2/91- 147+ remanufactured GP40, identical to EMD GP40-2 *B-B Passenger Roadswitchers (rebuild) GP39H-2 12/87-3/88 6 [all 645E engine] remanufactured GP40, 12-645E3, 2300 HP, HEP set RP39-2C 6/91-10/91 10 same as GP39H-2 GP40FH-2 2/88-12/90 21 remanufactured GP40, HEP set, F45 style cowl long hood GP40PH-2 2/93-3/93 6 remanufactured GP40, HEP set, SD45 long hood RP40-2C 9/93 2 same as GP40PH-2 GP40WH-2 3/94- 19 widecab version of GP40PH-2 *C-C Roadswitchers (new and/or rebuild) SD40M 9/91-11/91 11 remanufactured SD40, improved design SD40-2 5/90-11/90 60 remanufactured SD40/45, identical to EMD SD40-2 SD40M-2 1/90-3/94 58 remanufactured SD39/40/45, improved design SD40-3 4/96-11/96 4 microprocessor equipped SD40-2 SD45T-3 4/96-7/96 10 microprocessor equipped SD45T-2 MK5000C 8/94-8/95 6 new locomotive, Cat 3612 engine, 5000 HP *B-B Cowl Passenger Units (new and/or rebuild) F40PHL-2 5/88-?/93 6 [all 645E engine] remanufactured GP40/GP40-2, identical to EMD F40PH-2 F40PH-2C 5/91- 18+ new locomotive, nearly identical to EMD F40PH-2C F40PH-3C 7/94- 8+ *B-A1A Passenger Units (rebuild) FL9M 3/93-6/94 6 remanufactured FL9A, 16-645E, 1800 HP, optimized for commuter service, HEP set *A1A-A1A Passenger Units (rebuild) E9AM 5/73-6/78 25 rebuilt E8A/E9A, 2 12-645E engines, 2400 HP, 2 HEP sets *C-C Passenger Units (rebuild) PA4 ?/75 4 rebuilt PA1, Alco 251 engine *Other Jobs MK has done a variety of wreck repairs, rebuilds, heavy overhauls, repair jobs and subcontracted remanufacturing. Examples: overhaul in kind of various SD40s subcontracted B23-S7s and C30-S7s overhaul of 2 F40PH-2Ms heavy overhaul of D&H GP38-2s, GP39-2s slug mother conversions for UP heavy overhauls of UP SD40-2s rebuild of an SW1 as a shop switcher remanufacture of airport mobile lounge busses wrecks: everything from slugs to switchers to F40PH to SD60M rebuild of ATSF's SD CAT as a 3000 HP SD45CAT heavy overhaul of Amtrak FL9As rebuild of 30 Conrail GP8/10s rebuild of 35 CN GP35s rebuild of 16 Precision National SD10s EMD conversions of U25Bs Sulzer conversions of UP SD45s

Section Two: Inactive Major builders/rebuilders

American Locomotive Company (ALCo)/Alco Montreal Locomotive Works division of Bombardier Company (MLW) Baldwin Locomotive Works (BLW) Fairbanks-Morse (F-M)

American Locomotive Company (ALCo)

American Locomotive Company was one of the steam locomotive builders in the country, and gradually switched over to diesels. The name of the company was changed to Alco in 1956. Alco's name and assets were acquired by Worthington in 1964, and Worthington merged with Studebaker Studebaker-Worthington in 1967. Alco quit building locomotives in 1969. Alco's longtime subsidiary Montreal Locomotive Works purchased the rights to Alco designs in 1969. MLW was sold to Bombardier Company in 1979. All Alco rights were eventually sold to GE, and then to Fairbanks-Morse (Coltec) in 1997. In 1998 Coltec sold the locomotive parts business and locomotive rights to National Railroad Equipment (NRE), but Coltec retains the rights to the Alco engines themselves. Later in 1998 NRE and Coltec/F-M formed Alco Locomotive Company, a new business intended to market all Alco spare parts (both new and reconditioned), and rebuilt Alco locomotives. Engines: IR--Ingersoll-Rand, 10x12 inch cylinder, 14.75x16 inch cylinder M&S--McIntosh & Seymour 531-12.5x13 inch cylinder, 600-900 HP 539-12.5x13 inch cylinder, 660-1000 HP 14x18 inch cylinder, 900 HP 241--1500 HP (12 cylinder) 244--1500 HP (12 cyl.) to 2250 HP (16 cyl.) 251--800 HP (6 cyl.) to 3600 HP (16 cyl.) 241,244,251 are 9x10.5 inch turbocharged engines Shops: Schenectady, NY--some facilities remain in existence. Montreal, Quebec--MLW shop, secondary construction shop later used by Worthington/MLW, then Bombardier/MLW, then GE. Shop is now closed. *B-B Switchers '57 Ton' ?/31-?/35 7 M&S engine '60 Ton' ?/24-?/28 26 IR engine '60 Ton' 5/31 1 M&S engine '100 Ton' ?/25-?/28 7 IR engine 'NYC 1525' ?/28 1 IR engine diesel-electric/battery/third rail unit '0900' ?/31 1 [all 531 engine] HH600 ?/31-?/39 7 HH900 ?/37-?/39 21 HH660 ?/39-?/40 43 [all 538 engine] HH1000 ?/39-?/40 34 S1 4/40-6/50 540 [all 539 engine] S2 4/40-6/50 1502 S3 3/50-?/57 292 S4 8/50-1/61 797 S5 6/54 7 [all 251 engine] S6 5/55-12/60 126 SSB9 ??? 2 cow-calf version of S6 *B-B Light Roadswitchers/Transfer Units T6 3/58-12/59 57 12/64-1/69 RS1 3/41-3/60 417 [all 539 engine] RS2 10/46-5/50 383 [all 244 engine] RSC2 10/46-4/50 70 A1A-A1A version of RS2 RS3 5/50-8/56 1370 RSC3 11/50-6/52 19 A1A-A1A version of RS3 C415 4/66-12/68 26 [all 251 engine] *B-B Roadswitchers RS11 2/56-4/64 426 RS27 12/59-10/62 27 RS32 6/61-6/62 35 RS36 2/62-8/63 40 C420 6/63-8/68 131 C424 4/63-5/67 190 C425 10/64-12/66 91 C430 7/66-2/68 16 *C-C Light Roadswitchers MRS1 3/53-10/53 83 244 engine custom variable gauge units, 1000 HP (GE sub-contract) DL535E 4/69-12/71 10 251 engine custom narrow gauge units RSD1 11/42-5/46 150 539 engine RSD4 3/51-8/52 36 [all 244 engine] C-C version of RS3 RSD5 3/52-3/56 204 improved RSD4 RSD7 1/54-1/56 17 RSD12 4/56-3/63 161 [all 251 engine] RSD15 2/56-6/60 87 C628 12/63-12/68 181 C630 7/65-7/69 133 C636 12/67-11/68 34 DH643 9/64 3 diesel-hydraulic unit using two 12 cylinder engines, 4300 HP *B+B-B+B Roadswitchers C855 6/64 2 two C628s on one frame, a total design failure C855B 6/64 1 cabless version of C855 *B-B Full Body Passenger/Freight Units 'Black Maria A' ?/45 2 [all 241 engine] experimental units 'Black Maria B' ?/45 1 cabless version of above FA1 1/46-10/50 433 [all 244 engine] FB1 1/46-10/50 249 FA2 10/50-6/56 395 FB2 10/50-6/56 227 *A1A-A1A Passenger Units DL109 1/40-4/45 74 [all 539 engine] DL110 2/41-8/42 4 cabless version of DL109 PA1 9/46-6/50 170 [all 244 engine] PB1 9/46-8/49 40 PA2 4/50-5/52 28 PB2 8/50-9/50 2 PA3 4/52-12/53 49 PB3 4/52-6/53 5 PA/PB3 mechanically identical to PA/PB2 *2-D-2 Passenger and/or Freight Units 'NYC 1500' ?/28 1 M&S engine 'NYC 1550' ?/28 1 IR engine

Montreal Locomotive Works

MLW was Alco's longtime Canadian subsidiary. MLW built both Alco designs (tabulated in the Alco section) and its own designs, listed here. MLW (MLW-Worthington) acquired the rights to Alco designs in 1969. MLW-W acquired Bombardier in 1976, becoming Bombardier-MLW. The name was changed to Bombardier in 1978. MLW built its last locomotives in September 1984. The shop was then leased to GE for several years and now stands empty. Engines: MLW used Alco engines in all its products, including the first, last and only North American 18 cylinder engine in the M640. Shops: Montreal, Quebec. Now closed. *B-B Switchers S7 6/57-8/57-29 29 [all 539 engine] nearly identical to S4 S10 1/58-6/58 13 nearly identical to S3 S11 6/59-7/59 10 S12 5/58-8/58 11 S13 1/59-7/67 56 [all 251 engine] *B-B Light Roadswitchers and/or Transfer Units RSC13 6/55-11/57 35 539 engine A1A-A1A version of S7, converted to B-B RS23 8/59-7/66 40 251 engine RSC24 4/59-5/59 4 244 engine M420TR 4/72 2 [all 251 engine] switcher version of M420 M420TR 7/75 15 modified version of above *B-B Roadswitchers RS10 12/54-2/57 128 244 engine RS18 12/56-6/68 351 [all 251 engine] M420 5/73-2/77 92 M420B 6/75-7/75 8 cabless version of above M420R 2/74-5/75 5 M420 using trade-in parts HR412 9/81-11/81 11 *C-C Roadswitchers RSD17 5/57 1 C630M ?/67-?/68 4 M630 11/69-11/73 71 M636 11/69-4/75 111 M640 2/71 1 *B-B Full Body Passenger Units FPA4 10/58-5/59 36 FPB4 10/58-3/59 14 *B-B Lightweight Train Power Units M429LRC 8/73 1 M437LRC 2/80-9/84 33 *C-C Full Body Units HR616 2/82-8/82 20 cowl version of M630

Baldwin Locomotive Works

BLW was one of the biggest steam locomotive builders, and, like ALCo, gradually switched over to diesels. In 1950 Baldwin purchased Lima-Hamilton and discontinued the Lima-Hamilton product line. Baldwin-Lima-Hamilton stopped building locomotives in 1956. The Eddystone plant was demolished in 1995. Engines: Knudsen--failed 9.75x13.5 inch engine Krupp--15x15 inch engine Maybach--7.3x7.9 inch engine all below are 12.75x 15.5 inch engines. VO--non-turbo, 600 HP (6 cyl.) to 1000 HP (8 cyl.) 606--non-turbo, 800 HP (8 cyl.) 606A--turbocharged, 1200 HP (6 cyl.) 606NA--non-turbo, 660 to 750 HP (6 cyl.) 608A--turbocharged, 1600 HP (8 cyl.) 608NA--non-turbo, 1000 HP (8 cyl.) 608SC--turbocharged, 1000 HP (6 cyl.) to 1500 HP (8 cyl.) Shops: Eddystone (Philadelphia), PA. Now closed. *B-B Switchers '1000 HP' 5/29 1 Krupp engine '660 HP' 4/37 1 [all VO engine] '660 HP' 6/39 1 '900 HP' ?/37 3 VO660 ?/39-?/46 142 VO1000 ?/39-?/46 548 DS4-4-6 ?/46-?/49 139 [all 606NA engine] DS4-4-7.5 ?/49-?/51 53 DS4-4-10 ?/46-?/51 502 608NA, 608SC engine S8 ?/50-?/54 61 [all 606 engine] 'S8 cow-calf' ?/51-?/52 9 cow-calf version of S8 S12 ?/51-?/56 451 606A engine *A1A-A1A Boxcab '1000 HP' 6/25 1 Knudsen engine *B-B Light Roadswitchers DRS4-4-10 ?/48-?/50 22 606SC engine RS12 ?/51-?/56 46 606A engine *B-B, A1A-A1A, C-C Roadswitchers DRS4-4-15 ?/47-?/50 32 B-B, 608SC engine AS16 ?/50-?/55 127 B-B, 608A engine DRS6-4-15 ?/46-?/52 29 A1A-A1A, 608SC engine AS416 ?/50-?/55 21 A1A-A1A, 608A engine DRS6-6-15 ?/48-?/50 82 [all C-C, 608SC engine] DRS6-6-15B ?/50 1 cabless AS616 ?/50-?/54 168 [all C-C, 608A engine] AS616B ?/51 7 cabless *C-C Transfer Units DT6-6-20 ?/46 46 2 608NA or 606SC engine RT624 ?/51-?/54 24 2 606A engine *B-2 Lightweight Train Power Units 'Train X' ?/56-?/56 3 Maybach engine diesel-hydraulic *B-B Full Body Passenger and/or Freight Units DR4-4-15 ?/47-?/50 58 [all 608SC engine] DR4-4-15B ?/47-?/50 47 cabless RF16 ?/50-?/53 109 [all 608A engine] RF16B ?/50-?/53 51 cabless *A1A-A1A Passenger Units DR6-2-10 ?/48 1 606SC engine A1A-3 unit DR6-4-15 ?/47-?/48 7 [all 608SC engine] DR6-4-15B ?/47-?/48 2 cabless DR6-4-20 ?/45-?/48 29 VO, 608NA, 606SC engines DR6-4-20B ?/48 9 606SC engine cabless *2-D+D-2 Passenger and/or Freight Units '6000' ?/43 1 8 engines, never completed DR12-8-1500 ?/45-?/48 54 2 608SC engines *Steam Turbines 'C&O Turbines' ?/46-?/47 3 2-D+2-D-2, 6000 HP 'Jawn Henry' 5/54 1 C+C-C+C, 4500 HP


Fairbanks-Morse entered the locomotive market in 1944, using their opposed piston engine design. F-M built its last locomotives in 1963. F-M still exists, however, and currently owns the rights to build Alco engines and spare parts and to market them for all non-rail applications. Engines: all 8.125x10 inch cylinder 6 cyl, 12 piston--1000 to 1200 HP 8 cyl, 16 piston--1500 to 16000 HP 10 cyl, 20 piston--2000 HP 12 cyl, 24 piston--2400 HP Shops: Beloit, Wisconsin (still active) *B-B Switchers H10-44 ?/44-?/49 197 H12-44 ?/50-?/61 335 *B-B Light Roadswitchers H12-44TS ?/56 3 H12-46 ?/51-?/53 30 *B-B Roadswitchers H15-44 ?/47-?/49 30 H16-44 ?/50-?/63 357 H20-44 ?/47-?/54 96 *C-C Roadswitchers H16-66 ?/51-?/58 58 "Baby Trainmaster" H24-66 ?/53-?/56 127 "Trainmaster" *B-2 Lightweight Train Power Unit P12-42 ?/57-?/58 4 *B-B Full Body Freight and/or Passenger Units 'Erie A' ?/45-?/49 83 'Erie B' ?/45-?/49 28 both subcontracted to GE-Erie CFA16-4 ?/50-?/53 65 CFB16-4 ?/50-?/53 25 CPA16-4 ?/51-?/54 10 CPB16-4 ?/52-?/54 8 CFA20-4 ?/50-?/53 12 CFB20-4 ?/50-?/53 3 *B-A1A Full Body Freight and/or Passenger Units CPA16-5 ?/54-?/55 6 CPB16-5 ?/54-?/55 6 CPA20-5 ?/50-?/53 8 CPA24-5 ?/50-?/53 22 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------

Section Three: Minor builders/rebuilders

Active builders/rebuilders are marked by stars. *Asea Brown Boveri (ABB)/ABB Traction ASAA is a major Swedish electric locomotive builder. It merged with Brown-Boveri to form ABB traction. ASEA was a partner with EMD in building AEM7s, GF6Cs, GM6s and GM10s. ABB rebuilt 10 FL9ACs for Metro North and LIRR, as well as a series of ALP44 (AEM7) electrics for NJT and SEPTA. ABB also builds electric commuter and subway cars. ABB imported the X2000 tilt train for tests on Amtrak. Shops: Elmira Heights, NY--locomotive and car shop. All locomotives now built in Sweden and finished in the US. FL9AC 4/91-4/94 10 2800 HP 710G engined, AC traction, dual mode rebuilds of FL9As. Some subcontracted to Republic. ALP44 ?/90- 33+ Some built in Sweden ANF-Frangeco (ANF) ANF is a French company that built 12 turbotrains for Amtrak (built 7/73-2/75). The trains were built in France and shipped to the US. The trains were not a huge success, and all of them were pulled from service in 1994. Atchison Topeka & Santa Fe--Cleburne Shops, San Bernadino Shops (ATSF) AT&SF did a great deal of rebuilding and overhaul work at its Cleburne, TX and San Bernadino, CA shops. Most of the work was heavy overhauls on GP7/9/20/30/35s, SD45/45-2's, FP45s, F45s, and SDP40Fs, including B unit conversions of some SD45s and SD45-2s. Dozens of slugs have been built from a variety of sources. Both shops are now closed. (none) 12/70 1 567B engined rebuild of VO1000 SSB1200 1/74-12/79 29 567BC engined rebuilds from NW2s and SW9s CF7 2/70-2/78 233 567BC engined roadswitcher rebuilds from F3As, F7As, F9As SF30B ?/87 1 3000 HP rebuild of U23B CRSD20 5/74-4/76 3 645E engined rebuild of RSD15s SD26 2/73-1/76 80 645E engined rebuilds of SD24s SF30C 5/85-??? 70 3100 HP rebuilds of U36Cs SD CAT 7/87 1 4000 HP Cat repowering of SD45-2 *Atelier Montreal Facilities (AMF) AMF is the new name for the ex-Canadian National shops at Montreal. The shops have done a variety of overhaul and upgrade work. AMF was owned by CN for several years after its creation, but it was sold to GEC Alsthom in 1996. GP40-2 2/94-7/94 13 rebuilds from GP40 (12), GP40-H2 (1) (note) 8/92- 36+ equivalent of MK GP40PH-2; built under model designations GP40-2H, GP40-H2, GP40LH-2 SD40-2 10/92- 36+ rebuilds from SD45-2s and SD40s Atlas Car & Manufacturing Company (Atlas) Atlas built a variety of industrial designs. *BC Rail --Squamish Shops (BCR) BCR has built several slugs and rebuilt most of its locomotives. The latest program will see a group of RS10/18s rebuilt as Cat powered RS18Cs. RS18C 5/90- 29 Bethlehem Steel Company (Bethlehem) Bethlehem built carbodies for several locomotive builders. *Brookville Mining Equipment Corp. (Brookville) Formerly Brookville Locomotive, this company is a longtime supplier of mining and industrial locomotives. *Burlington Northern --West Burlington Shops (BN) BN overhauls its locomotive fleet at several shops. The West Burlington shops rebuild a pair of F units. F9A-2 10/90 1 F9B-2 10/90 1 -2 rebuilds of a F9A and a F9B. Canadian National--Montreal Shops (CN) CN's Montreal shops did contract overhauls on SP GP35s in 1979. The shops are now independently operated as AMF. *Chattahoochee Locomotive Company (CLC) Small rebuilder specializing in rebuilt and remanufactured industrial units/switchers, using Cummins, Cat and Detriot Diesel engines. Also does contract and on-site maitainaince work. My be contacted via email at AEAATL@internetMCI.COM Cleburne Railway Services Co. (CRS) CRS operated for a few years in the ex ATSF Cleburne, TX shops. Their major contract was rebuilding 15 GP40s for lease to Amtrak. The shops have been since been closed. *Conrail--Juniata Shops, Collinwood Shops, DeWitt Shops (CR) CR's shops have done a variety of rebuilds over the years, from RS3 engine swaps to GP8/10 rebuilds to GP40PH-2 rebuilds. CR recently began assembling new SD60Is from GMLG kits. Upcoming work includes rebuilding 26 Amtrak F40PHs and converting NJT's fleet of F40PH-2s to F40PH-2Cs. Shops: Altoona, PA--main shop. Built thousands of steam locomotives, hundreds of electrics. Collinwood (Cleveland), OH --now mostly closed, light repairs and parts stripping for scrap only. DeWitt (Syracuse), NY-- closed. Did RS3M conversions. RS3M ?/72-?/78 55 567BC, 567C engined rebuilds of RS3s GP35R 11/93-?/94 6 645E 2000 HP rebuild of GP35 GP40PH-2 ?/92-?/92 14 GP40PH-2B 12/93-?/94 19 Both same as MK GP40PH-2 SD40-2 3/93-12/93 40 rebuilds of SD40s, identical to EMD SD40-2 English Electric (EE) GE subsidiary. 'Boxcab' ?/24-?/26 9 boxcab electrics J. G. Brill Company (Brill) Brill was a carbody builder and produced a few diesel-electrics and gas-electrics Canadian Locomotive Company (CLC) CLC was a F-M subsidiary, building F-M designs in Canada. CLC also built some industrials. Chrome Locomotive (Chrome) Chrome was a locomotive dealer and rebuilder, working out of the ex Rock Island Silvis, IL shops. Chrome's biggest job was overhauling 4 ConnDOT FL9As Cummins Engine Company (Cummins) Cummins built one B-B centercab switcher. The assembly was subcontracted to GE's Erie shop. Davenport Locomotive Works (Davenport) Davenport built a variety of small and large switchers and industrials. Diesel-Electric Service (DES) DES' one and only major project was rebuilding a wrecked GP9 and a wrecked GP35, coming out with a "GP22" that used parts of both. Duluth, Missabe & Iron Range (DMIR) DMIR rebuild 22 SD9s and 18s as SD-Ms at its Proctor shops. SD-M 7/79-7/91 22 *Electric Transport of America This company imported a Czech industrial switcher, designated S500X2, in 1997. Euclid Road Machinery Company (Euclid) Euclid built some small industrials. FAUR FAUR, the Romanian national locomotive company, imported one diesel-hydraulic switcher. It failed. *GATX GATX is a major locomotive and car leasing company, and they have overhauled several locomotives. Generation II/Caterpillar-Ziegler-Kato (CZK) CZK promoted Cat engines, and did several repowerings. Their shop (Babbitt, MN), is now closed. GP15C ?? 6 1500 HP rebuilds of GP9s. GP20C 9/88-3/90 10 2000 HP rebuild of GP20s. A failure. GP30C 3 Grand Trunk --Battle Creek Shop (GT) GT rebuilt a group of GP9s into 2000 HP, 16-645E GP9Rs. Shop is to be closed by CN. GP9R 3/89-1/93 36 Harland & Wolff (H&W) H&W built a single diesel locomotive, using imported components. Heisler Locomotive Works (Hiesler) Heisler built one diesel switcher *Helm Leasing Company (Helm) Helm is a major locomotive leasing company. They have contracted out the rebuilding or overhaul of many locomotives. Hudswell Clarke & Co (Hudswell) Hudswell imported a few industrials. *Independent Locomotive Service (ILS) ILS is a locomotive leasing and rebuilding company. They have done a variety of overhauls at their Bethel, MN shops. Illinois Central/Illinois Central Gulf--Paducah Shops (ICG) The IC/ICG shops built and rebuild hundreds of steam locomotives and hundreds more diesels, both for IC/ICG's own use and for outside customers. The shops are now owned by VMV. SW13 10/71-10/73 15 extensive rebuild of old switchers SW14 3/78-2/82 112 rebuild of old switchers GP11 4/78-?/81 54 GP7/9/18 rebuild SD20 8/79-12/82 42 2000 HP rebuild of SD24s, SD24Bs and SD35s Ingalls Shipbuilding (Ingalls) Ingalls introduced an extensive line of locomotives after WWII. Only one unit, a very strange switcher, was ever built. Krauss-Maffei (K-M) K-M imported 21 diesel-hydraulic locomotives in 1961-63. The units were a failure. Lima-Hamilton (L-H) Lima was a small steam builder. In 1947 in merged with engine maker Hamilton, and in 1950 Lima-Hamilton merged into Baldwin. The Lima product line was canceled in 1951. The Lima plant at Lima, Ohio, still stands. *B-B Switchers '750 HP' 11/49-6/51 6 '800 HP' 9/50-6/51 23 '1000 HP' 4/49-3/50 38 '1200 HP' 4/50-5/51 69 *B-B Light Roadswitchers '1200 HP' 8/50-10/50 16 *C-C Transfer Units '2500 HP' 5/50-9/51 22 *Livingston Rebuild Center (LRC) *Coast Engine & Equipment Co (CEECO) Livingston rebuild center now operates out of the old NP shops at Livingston, MT. They have purchased CEECO, based in Tacoma, WA. LRC has done a variety of rebuilds and overhauls, mainly for Montana Rail Link. GP19-1 6/91 1 complete rebuild GP9 SD19-1 1/93 1 total rebuild of SD9 SD40-2XR 5/90- 15+ rebuild SD40 SD45-2XR 4/91-11/91 3 rebuild of SDP45, SD45-2 Maschinenbau Kiel (Kiel) Kiel imported an odd siderod diesel in 1956. It was later shipped back to Germany. *Mid-America Car (MAC) MAC has rebuild and overhauled a variety of units at its Kansas City Shop. The biggest project was rebuilding 11 GP40s into GP38ACs. Dates are uncertain. Mid-West Locomotive Works (MWLW) MWLW built three diesels in 1933. *National Railways of Mexico (FNM) FNM has rebuilt hundreds of SD40/45s to SD40-2s and U30/33/36Cs and C30/36-7s to C30-S7s. Shops are Aguascalientes, Concarrel, and San Luis Potosi. FNM also assembled hundreds of C30-7s and B23-7s from GE kits. *National Railroad Equipment Co. (NRE) NRE is a major locomotive dealer and leasing and rebuilding firm. They have done a variety of rebuilds, including upgrading several GP40s to -2 standards. Their shops are at Silvis IL, Dixmoor IL, Hegewisch IL and Mt. Vernon IL. SW1000 ?/94-?/94 10 645E, 1000 HP rebuild of old switchers *Norfolk Southern--Roanoake Shop (NS) NS rebuilt 5 GP9s into Cat powered TC10's in 1984-86. They also have built a variety of slugs and rebuilt 9 SD9s as SD9Ms. TC10 ?/84-?/86 5 H. K. Porter, Inc. (Porter) Porter build a variety of diesel-electrics, gas-electrics and diesel-mechanicals. They sold out to Davenport in 1950. *Peaker Services, Inc. (Peaker) Peaker is a locomotive dealer. The largest rebuild undertaken by their Brighton, MI shop was rebuilding a GP18. The unit was derated to GP9 horsepower and called a GP19. *Peoria Locomotive Works (PLW) PLW has recently rebuilt and re-engined several switchers, giving them Cat engines. They also build the PL1500, a 1500 HP Cat engined switcher (3 built so far). The PL1500 is also known as the SC15-C. *Plymouth Locomotive Works division of Fate-Root-Heath Company (Plymouth) Plymouth is a longtime builder of diesels, mostly industrials. The have built diesel-electrics, -mechanicals and -hydraulics. Plymouth remains active. *Precision National Company--Mount Vernon (IL) Shops (PNC) PNC was a partner with ICG in rebuilding GP8s, 10s and 11s and in other contract work. PNC remained active as a leasing firm, a dealer, and doing light locomotive work, mainly lease fleet repairs and overhauls, through early 1997. The operation shut down 10 Feb 1997 due to financial problems; the leasefleet and shops were sold off. The shops went to National Railway Equipment. Republic Locomotive Works (Republic) Republic entered the locomotive market in the 1980's when they opened a shop at Greenville, SC. They built some industrials, a pair of RL1000 1000 HP Cat engined switchers, a single RS120 (a rebuilt SW1200), a pair of RL1350 passenger locos (RL1000s with 350 HP HEP sets) and a RL2000 (a 2000 HP Cat engined rebuild of a GP35). They then switched over to Detroit Diesel engines and built one RD20, a 2000 HP switcher. The RL1350s were a total failure. Republic soon went out of business; the shop was sold at auction in 1996. Republic will be most remembered for rebuilding several FL9As and FL9ACs under sub contract to ABB. Republic did return to the locomotive business (as Republic Transportation Systems), but only as a builder of small industrial locomotives. Construction was done by Blue Ridge Steel at the old RLW facility. Rohr In 1976 Rohr built 14 turbo trains to a modified ANF design. They did slightly better than the ANF trains, but they were not great successes. Rome Locomotive Works (RLW) RLW opened up in the 1980's in part of the old Rome Locomotive Works, a steam builder, in Rome, NY. They overhauled units for NYS&W, and went out of business in the 1990's Southern Pacific--Sacramento Shops (SP) Southern Pacific did a variety of rebuilds at its Sacramento shops in the 1980's, mostly rebuilding and upgrading their fleet of SD40s, SD45s, SD40T-2s and SD45T-2s. The shops have been closed and partially demolished. St. Louis Car Company (StLCC) StLCC built three diesel/battery/electric locomotives in 1929. United Aircraft (UA) UA built 14 turbo trains in 1967-68. They were even more dismal failures than the ANF and Rohr trains. Union Pacific (UP) UP's Omaha shops have rebuild many diesels over the years. The shops have been demolished. SW10 9/79-12/84 75 1200 HP rebuilds of old switchers UP also built a coal fired gas turbine from the hulk of a NP electric and a PA2. In addition, UP rebuilt several GP9s with experimental turbochargers as 'Omaha GP20s' Vulcan Iron Works (Vulcan) Vulcan built several industrials. *VMV Enterprises (VMV) VMV now owns the ex IC/ICG shops at Paducah KY. They have a lease fleet, and have done overhauls on a variety of units. They also are a locomotive dealer. VMV built the one and only SD40-3MPR under subcontract to GMLG. TEBC6 12/92-7/93 11 C-C slugs rebuilt from SD9s GP35C ?/90 1 Cat re-engined GP35 GP36 8/88 1 2000 HP 645E engined rebuild of a GP35 SD39P 11/92-2/93 7 rebuilt SD35, similar to SD38-2 GP39V 8/90-10/90 25 same as MK GP39M, rebuilt from GP35s SD40-2 1995-1996 5 SD40-2 rebuilt from SD45T-2 Werkspoor Werkspoor built several lightweight trains for European service in 1957, 4 were imported to Canada in 1977. The trains were not reliable, and the power cars were replaced by modified FP7As. The trains were removed from service in 1993. Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing Co. (Westinghouse) Westinghouse built a variety of diesels, both large and small. The smallest were a pair of 4 wheel boxcabs, the largest a pair of 2-D-1 diesel passenger locomotives. They also built one B+B-B+B gas turbine, the Blue Goose. Whitcomb Locomotive Works (Whitcomb) Brooks built a variety of industrials, several B-B switchers and a series of B-B centercabs. Wilson Wilson was a locomotive dealer, lessor and rebuilder operating out of Des Moines Iowa. Wilson closed in 1992.

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