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  • RSS The Membrane Domain

    • Climate Change, Extreme Weather and Toxic Crops
      by Daniel Brouse The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has released a report that examines how climate change is increasing the toxicity of crops. Crop Toxicity Extreme weather events, such as “drought and high temperatures, can trigger the accumulation in crops of chemical compounds that are toxic to animals and humans.” The report goes on […]
    • Temperature Reaches 123 Degrees in India
      The temperature went over 123 degrees (50C) in India. This was the highest temperature ever recorded in the country. “Fishermen are advised not to venture into the sea along and off Tamil Nadu and Puducherry during the next 24 hours, along and off Andhra Pradesh coast during the next 48 hours and also and off […]
    • Air Pollution Killing Millions
      by Daniel Brouse It is estimated by the World Health Organization that 7 million people per year die as a result of air pollution. “According to the latest urban air quality database, 98% of cities in low- and middle income countries with more than 100,000 inhabitants do not meet WHO air quality guidelines. Over 80% […]
  • There's one in the spotlight, he don't look right to me!

    So ya
    Thought ya
    Might like to
    Go to the show.
    To feel that warm thrill of confusion,
    That space cadet glow.
    I've got some bad news for you sunshine,
    Pink isn't well, he stayed back at the hotel
    And they sent us along as a surrogate band
    We're gonna find out where you folks really stand.

    Are there any queers in the theater tonight?
    Get them up against the wall!
    There's one in the spotlight, he don't look right to me,
    Get him up against the wall!
    That one looks Jewish!
    And that one's a coon!
    Who let all of this riff-raff into the room?
    There's one smoking a joint,
    And another with spots!
    If I had my way,
    I'd have all of you shot!


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  • RSS PhilaNet.com

    • West Chester Borough Petition Against Busking Ordinance
      Citizens against the proposed busking ordinance in West Chester, Pennsylvania, have started an online petition at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/westchesterfootloose. A physical petition can be signed at the corners of Gay and Church Streets in West Chester. Find out more about the West Chester Busking Ordinance.
    • West Chester Busking Ordinance Borough Council
      Jordan C. Norley West Chester Borough Council Title: President, 4th Ward jnorley@west-chester.com Dear Mr. Norley: In a Philadelphia Inquirer article on July 8, 2016, you were asked about my concerns over the proposed busking ordinance and you replied, “That is just silly.” While filming police misconduct on June 21, 2016, Sergeant Deighan of the West […]
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