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    • This Time Of Year
      LYRICS This time of year As time draws near Fillin’ my head with yow to spread … spread that Christmas cheer … spread it all through the year Hold my life’s moment dear … clear The angels read Here’s what they said Now angels sing “Given you wings” This Time Of Year.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG […]
    • Christmas Train
      LYRICS With a heave and a ho, ho, ho, ho, ho Do you know If it’ll snow And if so Can we go Dashing, dashing, dashing To the show Merry Christmas and a happy New Year Goodwill! Good cheer! Silent night, holy night All is right under the spirit’s light With a heave and a […]
    • Take You In
      LYRICS Just trying to take you in Don’t know where to begin I’d love to take you in just don’t know where to begin Deny satin his grin Thus my dilemma Just love to take you in Don’t know where to begin Lovin’ takin’ you in Take You In.mp3 ABOUT THE SONG Style: ExperiMental Music […]
    • Sleazy Queasy
      Sleazy Queasy.mp3 LYRICS Your acting sleazy is making me feel queasy You’re crazy When you make the things you do come true it’s a reflection of you Same with me. I can see. That’s why I try not to be sleazy Don’t want to make everyone everywhere queasy Feeling queasy Don’t wanna hurl all over […]
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