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For as long as I can remember... well, at least the last ten years, I have been investing with a stability strategy.

Dow Jones Stable Statetgy When I say stability strategy, I mean stocks were purchased with the intent of holding on to them for the duration of a long bull market. The chart labeled #1 shows the beginning of this strategy - Novemeber of 1987. From that time until December of 1995, I purchased and held a diversified portfolio of commonly traded stocks. As the chart shows, the term stability refers to the STABLE RISE in the stock market.

The stability strategy almost always works miracles in the long run, however; during volatile market times, money can be made when a stock goes down in price (as well as, when a stock goes up in price.)

The following website will explain how I:

  1. converted my holdings from the stable position to a neutral position
  2. used my neutral position to acquire volatile positions

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