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  • RSS The Membrane Domain

    • 9 Out of 10 People Breath Polluted Air
      In a new release from the World Health Organization (WHO), “air pollution levels remain dangerously high.” Updated estimations reveal an alarming death toll of 7 million people every year caused by ambient (outdoor) and household air pollution. Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, Director-General of WHO said, “It is unacceptable that over 3 billion people – most […]
    • When Your Property Goes Underwater
      The right to the free flow of water has long maintained “public right-of-way easements” in the United States. In general, if a waterway is navigable, it is a public right-of-way; however, the results of climate change and rising sea levels have turned people’s private property into navigable waterways. An article in Bloomberg entitled The Fighting […]
    • California Increasing Weather Volatility
      One of the most notable changes in weather doing to global warming is volatility. “We are not saying that the Earth’s temperature is just going to rise. In general, as energy is added to a system, the fluctuations in the system increase. So, we expect more storms, more droughts, more wildfires, more floods, more fluctuations […]
  • Rocking out at JD McGillicuddy's Brookline ...

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  • RSS PhilaNet.com

    • Ozone Alert 2018
      Ozone air quality alerts plague the Philadelphia Region. One of the leading causes of bad air quality is Ground Level Ozone. Low level ozone (tropospheric ozone) is highly volatile and is created in large part due to vehicle emissions. “Ground level ozone is a serious problem in cities with lots of traffic, such as Los […]
    • Don’t Take Any Crap From Anybody — John DeBella
      “That brings an end to this edition of The Big Dumb Show. Don’t take any crap from anybody,” says John DeBella everyday when he signs off the morning show on 102.9 WMGK. Ironically, John DeBella is in trouble for forcing his crap on other people. His former on-air partner, Jen Neill Posner, has filed a […]
  • RSS NASA Image Of The Day

    • Training 'Guardian Angels'
      "Guardian Angel" Pararescue specialists secure a covered life raft during an astronaut rescue training exercise. This exercise is part of preparation, with NASA's commercial partners Boeing and SpaceX, to fly astronauts to and from the International Space Station aboard the Starliner and Crew Dragon spacecraft.
  • RSS Natural Disasters

    • Tinder Fire
      An abandoned campfire in Arizona has grown into a fast-moving wildfire.
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